Important things to know about Medicare supplement plans

Medicare supplement plans is also called as “Medigap”. It is basically a plan offered by private insurance companies covering costs of some hospital and medical bills.

Why a Medicare supplement plans is needed?

Original Medicare plan offers many health care supplies and services, but it doesn’t cover all the expenses which means that it is not supporting on every level. That is where Medicare supplement plans come in handy. This plan called as “Medigap” fills in the need of supplies like coinsurance, copayments, and yearly deductibles. Medicare supplement plans also include some services like emergency travel overseas. One of the most popular plans is Plan F. You can find rates for Medicare supplement Plan F at This plan covers 100% of deductibles and coinsurance of Medicare Part A and B.

Must-know things about Medicare supplement plans

There are a few things that a person must know about this plan. Firstly, to have this supplement plan, one must have original Medicare Plan, both A and B. Secondly, if one has Medical Advantage Plan, he can apply for Medigap but he has to make sure that he can leave the Advantage plan before joining the supplement plan. Moreover, the person has to pay one month premium for this supplement policy which is in addition to the premium he pays for Part B to Medicare. Another important thing is that the Medigap covers only one person. If both the person and his spouse want this plan they must buy different policies.

Make sure you buy the supplement plan from a company in your state which is licensed to sell. Furthermore, Medigap cannot be cancelled by the insurance company as long as you pay the premium even if you have health problems. Many Medigap policies are not allowed to include coverage of prescription drug. If a person wants to include prescription drug coverage too, then he should join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. You cannot sell a Medigap policy if you have a Medicare Medical Savings Account Plan.

Moreover, Medigap policies also don’t cover everything. Like it doesn’t cover long term care, vision or dental care, hearing aids and glasses or private duty nursing. Some insurances are also not part of Medigap plan like Medicare Advantage Plan, Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, Medicaid, and TRICARE and many more.

Someone may want to take another plan along with the old Medigap plan or they might want to skip the previous one. When the person wants to join new Medicare Plan, he must pay a  penalty if one of these are applicable:

  • You have to drop whole Medigap policy and also the drug coverage wasn’t commendable prescription drug coverage.
  • You have to wait 63 days or more in a row before new Medicare drug coverage starts.



Seniors and Health Insurance

We hear in all the media, that exercise is essential to have a heathy body now and in the future. Even small amounts of exercise is beneficial and needed for our health.

Regular exercises for seniors can help with maintaining ones weight, toning muscles, lowering risk of bone fractures, stabilizing blood sugar and getting a better outlook in life.

As we age, we may find our lives become more sedentary. We tend to sit and watch television and not get up and move enough. This decreases our metabolism and our whole body can feel the effects of this. We need to get as many steps as we can in a day to keep our body functioning well. Being sedentary increases the risk of our balance failing us and we are more prone to falls and bone fractures.

Then there are those people who live a more active life and get in moderate activity. The activities one may do daily are brisk walking, dancing, swimming and even exercise following a DVD or exercise class on the computer. While doing these moderate exercises, one can still talk normally without getting out of breath.

Engaging in vigorous activities are for the more active seniors. These activities will increase ones heart beat and make it difficult to talk while doing them. Some activities that can get the heart pumping are swimming, tennis, racquetball or other intensive activity. Supplement your Medicare Part A and B by enrolling in a Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan.

As we get older our body’s functions slow down and with the lack of physical activities we can have health issues with our balance, heart, sleep problems, pain and stiffness in our joints and even some diseases. We need to strengthen our muscles to help hold up our bodies and support our organs. Too many health issues are caused by lack of activity and weight gain. It is so important to move every half hour to keep the body healthy and limber.

Starting an exercise regime is really not difficult. A brisk walk around your neighborhood every morning and evening for 20 minutes would be doable and beneficial. There are many programs or all sorts of exercise from aerobics, tai chi, weight training, walking and yoga on DVDs so you can do these at home. Another thought would be to go to your local senior center. They will have exercise classes geared to seniors and even some done sitting in a chair. The benefits of doing these exercises are getting you out of your house a couple of times a week, meeting with people your own age and moving your body. They are all there for the same reason as you, to get moving daily.